SWCEC is a proud recipient of the 2016 Janet Malser Grant.  The Janet Malser Grant is awarded by the Janet Malser Humanities Trust established in 2009 as a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation. Its purpose is to fund educational, cultural, historic, and charitable causes in the towns of Dudley, Oxford, and Webster, Massachusetts.

Please continue to read below as we share our gratitude and accomplishments of the award.

Dr. Mr. Smith and Members on the Board of Trustees,

On behalf of the staff, students, and families of the Southern Worcester County Educational Collaborative, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Janet Malser Humanities Trust for the very generous contribution to our program.  With the support of the Janet Malser grant, 14 high school students were given the opportunity to participate in the 2016 paid summer work program at SWCEC. These students were able to give back to the community and simultaneously gain valuable vocational skills.

The Janet Malser grant allowed the collaborative to provide students with a variety of meaningful educational experiences. Students learned the importance of dedication, hard work, and team input. Throughout the summer, and into the fall, the group worked to “beautify” the surrounding towns. We planted flowers, cleaned-up trash, and maintained lawns. Perhaps most importantly, the students fulfilled a large commitment with Stephen Tremblay and the Dudley Department of Public Works. Through this assignment, students assisted in the maintenance of the Corbin Cemetery, the Dudley Town Beach and the Dudley District Court.

During the five-week summer program, the students also performed basic landscaping and maintenance on the properties of the Southern Worcester County Educational Collaborative. These students had an opportunity to paint classrooms, provide lawn care, and assist in the repair and upkeep of lawn equipment. In addition, the program researched, planted, and cared for a large vegetable and herb garden on campus. The garden provided teachable moments across all academic domains, from art lessons while creating plant markers to biology experiments to the history of corn. The contributions of the Janet Malser grant allowed SWCEC staff to reinforce classroom lessons in a functional manner.

Thanks to the Janet Malser Humanities Trust, the Southern Worcester County Educational Collaborative was able to enhance the academic, social/emotional, and career focused well-being of 14 high school students.  The students worked on team building, communication, and conflict resolution; skillsets necessary in preparation for fast approaching transitions into adulthood.  Having the opportunity to apply classroom lessons in a natural setting is an invaluable part of any student’s education. Furthermore, the students and staff at SWCEC were able to spread happiness, service and beauty throughout our community. We continue to show our gratitude in each job, assignment, and lesson we complete, on and off our campus.


With a Sincere Thank You,

Nathan Brodeur

Career Specialist Leader